MikroTikTech Partnership-Program is grate opportunity and WIN-WIN play for ISP's, Training Institute and company's that want to cooperate to hold up Mikrotik Training in their country. So if you are interested to know more and cooperate with us pleas fill THIS form.

MikroTikTech help you to know more about mikrotik. If you have any question about mikrotik configuration , select devices for projects , courses and ... . you can fill contact form or contact us via WhatsApp or Telegram.Consultation is free for all. Just Click here

MikroTik international online exam are given the last day of class so you can get your MikroTik Certification. Exam is open book so you can use internet and your material. Classes range from a few days to a week, depending on the course. Classes include theory and labs where you will configure routers and build networks. Lecture will cover all of the material in the MikroTik official certification class materials plus much more Example and challenges define by trainer to learn course fluently. You will need your own laptop, everything else is provided by trainer